Not Just a Sofa

Have you ever stopped to think of what your Sofa means to your family?

Me: Work Place/Laundry Hub

Husband: Sleep/Intermittent TV Viewing

Child: Playpark

Dog: Massive Bed

Cat: Bathing Facility

Your Sofa, it’s busy. Here’s our guide to choosing the best Sofa for the job.




Good Bones

The frame is the bones of your sofa and will see you right for many years of decadent lounging and multifunctional usage and abusage. A timber frame = good. Metal or particleboard construction = bad. Those that don’t offer a frame guarantee = shifty.

Tip: Keep your sofa away from heat sources as this will dry out the frame joints and make them annoyingly creaky.





Get Stuffed

Do you like a bit of squish? Then a mix of feather and foam offers a relaxed lived in look with a touch of luxury. Just make sure those feathers are ethically sourced. High density foam is ideal for those who like medium comfort, think Goldilocks. Not too squishy and not too firm – just right.  

Tip: We know it’s hard but try not to have a favourite seat. Be egalitarian and use your sofa seating equally so you don’t get an  indentation on one side.



Into the


Light colours are your best friend if you don’t have children or pets. If you do have those that depend on you to stay alive then opt for a synthetic fabric. Not only are these more durable but they take to spot cleaning better than natural fibres. Light colours look effortlessly chic however will require more tender loving care than darker colours.




Going Dark

Dark Colours are a safety net when it comes to those who cannot trust their children, pets or themselves. Particularly if you like drinking red wine or live in fear of the 3 year old with a contraband ink pen.

Tip: Is your sofa going to go on a dark floor? Then think about a lighter colour leg option so it doesn’t become one big shapeless floor-sofa-mass or place your dark sofa on a lighter rug.






Lush Leather

For those who like their sofas to patina and gain more character with age like your Grandad then 100% Aniline Leather is the gold standard in sofa leathers. It’s durable yet buttery soft as it only has a minimal protective layer. Much like myself leather will need regular “moisturising”. Please don’t use people moisturiser, make sure you use an actual leather care product specifically designed for actual sofa care. On a more personal note, body oils can stain your leather sofa. Even more so if you are taking certain medications such as heart, blood or arthritis tablets as these secretions can deteriorate the hide. Shocking but true.

Tip: Wipe your leather sofa down with a lightly dampened cloth where naked body parts naturally rest. Those naked body parts are usually hands, arms and heads but how you use your sofa is up to you.   






The One Time Polyester is Cool

Natural fibres are luxe for clothes but not for your sofa. They simply don’t offer the durability needed for everyday use over the next decade or so and can be prone to fading, even when not in sunlight. Polyester offers superior durability and is much easier to clean. High quality polyester upholstery is fashioned to be comfortable and resilient.







My house is smaller than a Tiny House or I only have lift access?

Check the dimensions and then check again. Make sure your sofa will fit through your doorway. In an apartment or are exceedingly rich? Then make sure it fits in the lift. If space is limited or you are spatially challenged, then look for removable legs and if it is a chaise then make sure this can be detached. A dual chaise is also a great option.



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