In some parts of the country (not you Wellington) it's getting warmer and brighter. And for those of you who live in less summery climes, there's the Ohope Collection. So bring summer inside all year round with our new solid timber coastal collection.



















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There I was, a sumptuous golden velvet sofa looking for a friend. My silky upholstery was smooth and inviting, but all I wanted was someone to just sit with me. Could I be the sofa your living room has been searching for?

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Retreat Dreaming

"You know where we belong?" said Raglan Drawers "Where?" asked Raglan Bedside. "Well basically it's a big lodge with lots of rustic furniture like us and all sorts of fun things like a fireplace, pool table, hot tub on the roof deck," said Raglan Drawers.

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"Ummm I don't think the fireplace sounds too good, you know we're made of wood right?" whispered Rustic Bedside. "OK forget the fireplace, but I think we are total retreat material, shhh here someone comes - put on those retreat vibes!". Both Raglan Drawers and Raglan Bedside nonchalantly opened their drawers to reveal yoga schedules and essential oils.

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