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The World’s First and Leading designer and maker of high quality recycled solid FSC wooden furniture.


The world is full of beautiful, high quality wood, but much of it is used once and then discarded or burned, leading to the decimation of the Earth’s forests and natural habitats. Now we are reclaiming that wood, treating and finishing it by hand to create some of the finest and most individual pieces of furniture you can buy.

Founded in 1998 by Ian Burden, PGT-RECLAIMED is the world leader in designing and manufacturing of durable, stylish, rustic furniture.

Ian, who had travelled to Vietnam from Australia to design and build garden furniture, first got the idea when he spotted piles of discarded pallets awaiting disposal outside a shipyard. World leaders at the time were tightening the laws regarding the harvesting of timber and Ian realised that he had stumbled upon the perfect answer. He set to work to perfect a process for treating and finishing the reclaimed wood to the highest possible standards.

As a result of his meticulous research, design and manufacturing skills, and with the help of his wife and Brand Manager, Yung, and several hundred skilled craftsmen, customers who find our products in many of the world’s most fashionable retail outlets can be confident that they will last for generations.







All over the globe traditional styles of furniture have evolved from the different cultural experiences of the designers and craftsmen who lovingly created them. PGT founder and designer Ian Burden has travelled the world to find the best and to discover the secrets of their longevity and their appeal.

Abeautifully designed piece of furniture can evoke any number of memories from tropical evenings in the colonial settings of the Far East or the Bahamas to the more rugged, rustic charms of farmhouses in Cornwall, the Trulli limestone dwellings of Puglia or the romantic architecture of Sintra in Portugal.

Recreating the beach lifestyle of Sydney, where Ian surfed in his youth, led to us researching practical issues such as anti-rusting, while the tango music and joyful family parties of Argentina were the inspiration for our Caminito range.

PGT have put together the most evocative and timeless of these designs and each collection that we create has been inspired by a pleasurable aesthetic memory.










the Factory

PGT's factory in South Vietnam, is 45 minutes from Saigon, it is the true heart of PGT-RECLAIMED. Currently employing 700 people it is regularly inspected and found to be one of the best factories in Indochina.

Quality Control

A team of highly trained Quality Control Inspectors is on the floor of the factory throughout the day, ensuring that every stage of the process and every part of every product meets the highest possible standards of craftsmanship and finish.

Practices like drying timber before processing and using timber in back panels and on the bottom of drawers increase our production costs hugely, but ensure the quality and longevity of the final products.

“Commitment to quality” is our motto, which is why we have fifteen quality control points and hold quality control classes every month to ensure everyone in the factory is creating the best possible products.

the Art of Finishing

The finish on every individual piece is everything and all our craftsmen work alongside the quality control team to ensure that each item is as perfect as it can possibly be before leaving the factory. We use no robots or toxic lacquer finishing materials and we have changed from using beeswax to water-based finishing materials. Each finish requires many steps in order to achieve the effortlessly natural patina that we are known for.

Warranty Policy

So that you can feel completely at ease, all our products come with a five year manufacturer’s structural warranty.

This confirms our commitment to quality and our willingness to repair or replace, free of charge, any authentic PGT-RECLAIMED product which was sold to you from our authorised stockists.

Please take a little time to read our “Assembly Instructions” and “Care Instructions” before starting assembly as any damage caused by improper use or handling or accident during the process is not covered by this warranty policy.

We are confident that if you cherish your new PGT-RECLAIMED furniture from the moment you receive it you will be enjoying it for many years.


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