Hello there and thanks for stopping by. This is Blair and Tara and we’d like to explain ourselves...

Our most frequently asked questions are:


“Why don’t you sell direct?” 

We are furniture experts and we want to stay that way without the distraction of running a retail business. This gives us the time to dedicate to our product and its development. We simply don’t tootle off overseas and pick our product from any old furniture stand from a furniture fair. We work with trusted suppliers to develop our products to suit the Kiwi market. Right down to the nuts and bolts. We also regularly visit factories to ensure they are ethical and use sustainably sourced materials wherever possible. Our end goal is to ensure our products are affordable without compromising on quality.

“What’s the price?”

Ah yes the price, no prudent shopper would buy without one. That’s why we encourage you to contact us and we can give you an RRP. As we have many loyal retailers whose businesses we respect we’d like to leave things to the retailing experts which can offer us a far greater reach across NZ and if our retailer doesn’t have what you are looking for in stock we’ll send it to them for you to view at no obligation.

We hope that answers some of your most pressing questions. We’re local, we’re friendly and we are here to provide the best service possible so if you have any more questions then please jump on our website www.furniturebydesign.nz and chat with us or send an email to info@furniturebydesign.nz

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