Vegas-Geometric Side Table Gunmetal Base

Hand cast white concrete

Metal Legs

Adjustable stoppers on feet

550sq H580mm

Status: In Stock


Colours shown are as accurate as photography allows, but please note colours can vary slightly from what you see on your monitor due to differences in display technology and personal settings of your device. View in-store for accurate colour matching.



The Vegas has an oil-based polyurethane coating to help prevent staining. Each top is cast in white concrete with its own unique texture and the brass and gunmetal finish legs feature adjustable stoppers on the feet to ensure you get the perfect level surface – no wobbles here!  



Your concrete top has been lovingly hand-finished which means each piece will have its own individuality. Like you this finish will age over time and take on a lived in look (unless you have major plastic surgery).  Our concrete tops have been sealed in an oil-based polyurethane and have been tested against nasty spills - coming up trumps however we would recommend you deal to spills as soon as you can so as not to deteriorate the sealer.

Speaking of sealer, buying this piece means that you are aware you’ll need to clean your Vegas with a neutral PH based cleaner – soapy water is best. We’d also recommend giving it a coat of Briwax every now and again or Dunlop Clear Sealer – both are readily available from your local hardware store.

Hairline cracks can develop over time and this does not signal catastrophic structural failure but it will mean the finish will be more susceptible to absorbing liquid.  Make sure you don’t use your Vegas as a cutting board or put hot things directly on its surface (ouch!).

Follow these rules and your Vegas will add a touch of glam to your home and you can both grow old gracefully together.

Made in Vietnam

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