Winston Armchair in Charme Black

Style Traditional

Colour Black

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Construction Fully upholstered with a solid NZ Pine frame (10 year guarantee). High density layered block foam on high quality webbing. 

W70 D93 H89CM




So Commanding, So Winston

Experience the commanding presence of The Winston and all other Armchairs will simply not compare. As you wonder how an earth you got through life without the world's most regal leather chair, you'll get lost in a world of soft, yet strong aniline leather and deep seating. Winston will command your living room... and your heart. 



The Leather

Upholstered in full-aniline leather, the Winston's leather will take on a patina that gets better and better with age. The top layer is full-grain hide that contains unique natural variations in tone. Full-grain leather has unique markings that are as individual as your fingerprints. Markings can include insect bites, wrinkles, sun spots, and stretch marks that were developed over the course of that animal’s life. Through age and use, this leather will develop a warm sheen known as “patina”. It’s that patina that gives an armchair that comforting, vintage look.

This leather patinas quickly, giving it a beautifully unique finish — but always be aware that every hide, and therefore every armchair, is totally unique, and therefore will look different than the product photo. We recommend The Winston  to pet parents or young families. Since it is already perfectly imperfect, any additional scratches from claws, paws, or fingernails simply add to its character.

The Winston is available in both Black and Cognac.



Style Traditional

Colour Black 

Construction Fully upholstered with a solid NZ Pine frame (10 year guarantee). High density layered block foam on high quality webbing. 


Quality Assurance

Rigorously tested for correct measurements, colour, wood moisture (internals included), load bearing and construction strength. Available with Warranty, please click here to download.


Colour Accuracy 

We try our best to ensure photography depicts colours as accurately as possible. Colours can appear different depending on the type of display you are viewing from, therefore we recommend viewing in person for true colour representation.



Furniture by Design are a family owned and operated NZ based company and are a subsidiary of Salamander Importers. With over 30 years in the furniture business our passion for quality furniture at affordable prices is stronger than ever. With highly experienced Furniture Buyers, in-house Interior Designers and collaboration with European Furniture Designers we aim to strike a balance between trend, quality and affordability.



Whilst leather is durable it does need care to help prevent damage from drying out and fading. The following tips will help you care for your leather furniture and add years of life, while enjoying it every day:

  • Regularly clean and moisturise leather upholstery to maintain its appearance. In extreme climates you’ll need to moisturise the leather more often. Check the care label on your furniture for more information.
  • Wipe up water spills straight away, don’t let it soak in. Water based stains will leave a mark.
  • Clean up food spills straight away. Food oils can permanently bond with the leather.
  • Vacuum regularly with a soft upholstery attachment. Wipe over the leather with a damp, soft, clean cloth weekly. Dirt and grime can act as abrasives on leather.
  • If you can, rotate the cushions to even out the wear.
  • Use retailer recommended leather care and cleaning products every 8 to 12 weeks. Never attempt to use chemical spot cleaners or any soap. Use only dry or a lightly damp cloth, do not rub
  • Stains that are water-soluble can be dabbed lightly and absorbed with a clean sponge or paper towel
  • Don’t place leather furniture near direct light or heaters as they can fade and damage the leather.
  • Try not to get body oils on the leather, as they can oxidise and change the colour of the leather. Special care is also required if anyone sitting on the furniture is taking medication. Some medication (specifically heart medication, blood pressure, chemotherapy and diabetes tablets) can be excreted through the pores and may damage the surface coating of your leather. Take measures to protect your leather from prolong direct exposure if you or any persons using the furniture are taking such medication. Excessive exposure to high levels of body perspiration can damage the surface coating of your leather. If your leather is going to be exposed to excessive perspiration ensure that it is cleaned more frequently
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