Raglan Mirror

Style Rustic

Timber Solid Rustic Pine

Construction Solid pine frame  

100sq D30CM




Back to Nature

Are you a “back to nature” sort of person who likes living in the comfort of a home? Great! Then you’ll love our Raglan range. Featuring chunky rustic unsorted timber the Raglan Collection has a distinctive appearance. In this style you can expect to find knots, splits and waney edges as the timber is kept as natural as possible. Perfect for a bushland retreat or for those who love the untampered characteristics of natural timber. The Raglan Mirror was made to match the Raglan Dresser.



The Timber

Solid rustic pine has a distressed look, featuring splits, cracks, knots, shakes, waney edges, bows and twists, along with sanding marks. Further movement may occur within the timber, particularly if the item is placed near to a heat source, which may exaggerate these natural features.



Style Rustic

Timber Solid rustic pine

Construction Solid pine frame  


Quality Assurance

Rigorously tested for correct measurements, colour, wood moisture (internals included), load bearing and construction strength. Available with Warranty, please click here to download.


Colour Accuracy

We try our best to ensure photography depicts colours as accurately as possible. Colours can appear different depending on the type of display you are viewing from, therefore we recommend viewing in person for true colour representation.



Furniture by Design are a family owned and operated NZ based company and are a subsidiary of Salamander Importers. With over 30 years in the furniture business our passion for quality furniture at affordable prices is stronger than ever. With highly experienced Furniture Buyers, in-house Interior Designers and collaboration with European Furniture Designers we aim to strike a balance between trend, quality and affordability.



Remove spills as soon as possible with a soft cloth

Regularly dust using a soft cotton or microfibre cloth

To clean use gentle soapy water

Do not use solvents on your Raglan, we don’t to ruin its good looks with solvent abuse

Don’t use silicone based polishes, Raglan doesn’t need any enhancements

Don’t overload drawers with all your treasures

Don’t let kids use as a jungle gym

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